Monday, October 1, 2012

See You in September, er, October

Obviously it's been a while.  Just about three months.  What a complete slacker!  What has Sausage Boy been up to and where is heading these days?  Well, as my four-year old has begun saying "Come on, Vamanos!"

I Know What Sausage Boy Did This Summer

In brief - I went to a summer institute presented by the College Board so I'd be ready to teach AP World History this year.  Pretty great - it made me feel like a college student again (I would remain one forever if that were possible).  Professor Peter Stearns, one of the founders of the College Board's AP World History curriculum, came and lectured to us each morning, I filled two entire legal pads with notes!

Then, the day I got back, our power went out due to the "super derecho" that hit the midwest and mid-Atlantic on June 29th.  The power was out for 11 days.  (Yes, I did say 11.)

Went on vacation to the beach in Emerald Isle, NC.  Went to a great party in honor of my mother-in-law's 70th birthday.

Oh, and did I mention that our power was out for 11 days?  And that the daily outdoor temperatures hovered around 100 the whole time?  It was usually about 94 degree inside.

And then I went back to school.  That was six weeks ago.  (I told you about the power being out for 11 days, right?)

So fall has started and with it, routine. Funny how you wish to escape the daily grind when you're in it, but when your time is wide open you sometimes wonder what to do. Not that my summer was "wide open..."


The Return of Sausage Boy

All that being said, what should be obvious to all my devoted readers (???) is that I have been completely remiss in my blogging responsbilities.  One day back in early July I was SOO close to writing a post entitled "Ode on a Nectarine" after having eaten the juiciest and most delicious of them I had ever tasted.  I never wrote it.  But now, finally getting back into my school routine rekindled my urge to share - so here goes.  It will be brief
The nectarine I ate that July day in Food Lion brought a flood of childhood memories - love this fruit!

Props to ST

So I get back to school six or seven weeks ago and I see a colleague, a teacher in my department named Steve (he's the co-author of a great blog about eduction called Teaching Underground).  At first, months and months ago he was pretty skeptical of my whole juice fast/lifestyle shift (like the three other guys I sit and eat lunch with.)  By the time we got to May, though, he was asking me about juicing and getting one himself to try out.  Well when I finally saw him again the first day of school, he'd easily dropped twenty pounds if not thirty.  He and his wife had been juicng one or two meals a day for a big chunk of the summer.  I was pretty excited to have had a small hand in that - touching, right?

Well, I really just wanted to write this post to let you all know that I'm back online here and will soon be churning out more witty and informative tidbits about food, health and my journey with them.  I think next up are entries about salad and perhaps goji berries. 
Hope the summer has treated you all well!

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  1. What about Sausage boy goes to the mountain?