Thursday, April 5, 2012

Welcome to My New Blog.

So here'e the deal. I've recently turned over a whole new and somewhat radical leaf in terms of food, health and, to some degree, lifestyle. It's been a pretty amazing change for me, and one that has been a very long time coming. To read the whole story (essentially my life with food) and how I ended up here, read the page "About Me/Who is Sausage Boy?"  It's a doozy.

Anyway, this has been going on for just about two months now. But, my problem is, I'm a little bossy. Okay, a lot bossy, but I come by it honestly - I get it from my mom. So as I've been going through this transformation, I've of course wanted my family (wife and 2 kids) to come along too.  Those who know me might agree that my "wanting to share" oftens means I'm more than happy to push people along with me, if need be (don't get my wife started on how urgently I feel the need to "share" movies or music).  In this case, with the food, they're mostly willing, but my wife did tell me in no uncertain terms to "cool my jets" two nights ago. To be honest, she's right - I can get very (over) excited, worked-up and ahead of myself about things sometimes.

I've spent the past few weeks reading all sorts of websites and blogs about nutriton, healthy eating, superfoods, vegetarianism, veganism and the like, and it finally occured to me last night - "Why don't I start writing a blog about this stuff - I'm doing it, too."  The advantage, as I see it, is hopefully an outlet for all this energy and excitement I've got that doesn't involve my attempting to totally micromanage my family's eating habits and drive everyone crazy.  My wife may explode in the kitchen if I make another face or snide comment about the food she is serving or everyone else in my family is eating.

I figure this can be a place to document my progress, post recipes, share nutritional information and general health items and hopefully hear from others who are attempting something similar.  The more I look around, the more of "us" I realize there are.  Add comments, ask questions, or just read. I hope you enjoy.

I've never blogged before, so who knows if I'll be able to make this site work the way I'd like it to.  We'll see.

Next stop - How it All Started and Carrot Salad.


  1. Melissa DestefanoApril 5, 2012 at 7:40 PM

    Hi Sal! I'm glad your doing this. I am a bit outraged by the whole pink slime / white slurry in food products I *used* to feed my kids. I am looking into vegetarian cooking most days of the week as a start. But then, who can eat beans every day?

  2. elaine AdamkiewiczApril 5, 2012 at 9:16 PM

    I laughed till I cried at "who is sausage boy"....very true and at times very sad....we love food...but I am glad you are getting on on track!! Love you and you can do it!